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Ask : What's CVC flame retardant fabric, CVC FR fabric, cotton and polester fabric?
Answer :
CVC fabric is produced by blending cotton and polyester fibres. In the cotton blended fabric , the general content is higher than polyester cotton yarn called CVC yarn, otherwise known as TC yarn. We usually refer to CVC fabric means 60% cotton and 40% polyester fabric, TC fabric is 65% polyester and 35% cotton fabric. 
CVC fabrics, including polyester and other synthetic ingredients due, and thus high strength, good wear resistance and wrinkle resistance, and because CVC fabrics containing cotton ingredient more, so soft, non-irritating to the skin. 
Our company with ten years of fire-retardant fabric production qualification, CVC fabrics can be made ​​flame retardant finishing, launched CVC flame retardant fabric. CVC flame retardant fabric cotton fabric is not only a good flame retardant properties, surpasses cotton flame retardant fabric has many advantages, such as high strength, color fastness, abrasion resistance and other characteristics. So not only permanent CVC flame retardant fabric, and wear wrinkle, wearing a long time. 
Our CVC flame retardant fabrics, cotton fabrics, such as flame retardant, fire-retardant fabrics to achieve European and American standards, there are European and American retardant certificates, such as EN11611, EN11612, EN14116, etc., but also the international textile environmental certification Oeko-Tex100. 

Our CVC flame retardant fabric cloth specification details: 
CVC60 / 40,  20x16   270g   flame retardant khaki, 
CVC60 / 40,  10x10   330g   flame retardant khaki, 
CVC80 / 20,  16x12   290g   flame retardant khaki, 
CVC60 / 40,  32x32   180g   flame retardant khaki, 
CVC60 / 40,  21/2 x 10   280g   flame retardant canvas, 
CVC60 / 40,  (4+4) x 6   580g   flame retardant canvas, 
CVC75 / 25,  32/2 x 32/2   220g   flame retardant   double twill, 
CVC75 / 25,  21/2 x 21/2   220g   flame retardant   double twill